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Ultimate BBQ Showdown 2011

Ultimate BBQ Showdown
Tuffy Neil Bubba
Myron Group Judges

Aired on CBS at 2:00pm ET on Saturday, May 28th

Memorial Day weekend got a whole lot hotter as CBS unveiled The Ultimate BBQ Showdown. Aired at 2pm ET on Saturday, May 28th, this one hour special pits four seasoned outdoor cooks against one another in a live competition barbecue setting.

Joining the battle for bragging rights, the Kingsford Cup and a whole lot of cash are the "winning-est man in BBQ," Myron Mixon; the professor himself, Tuffy Stone; Neil "My friends call me Bigmista" Strawder; and the guy who put Bubba in Bub-Ba-Q, Bubba Latimer. Who'll rise above the smoke and flames? You'll have to tune in to see!

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When CBS premiered The Ultimate BBQ Showdown, viewers watched competition BBQ at its finest, along with new and exciting tools of the trade, during this one-hour show sponsored by Kingsford. Grilling fans and BBQ enthusiasts saw for the first time Lang BBQ Smokers® newest product line, the Lang BBQ Smokers® Chargrill featuring its black 36" patio series.


This "cousin" of the legendary Lang BBQ Smokers® has been manufactured for over twenty years, but this will be the first that outdoor cooks can see it displayed as a stand-alone unit during the show. The unique construction of the Lang BBQ Smokers® Chargrill with its black rolled cylinders, heavy duty all-welded construction and stainless steel cooking racks gives cooks the advantages of speed and heat.

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