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A+ Pitmasters Class in Maine

Chef Paul KirkChef Paul Kirk Cooking on a Lang

This year's famous BBQ Pitmasters Cooking Class, held at the Western Maine BBQ Festival in July, offered an unparalleled experience for eighteen pitmasters "in training."


Under the direction of Chef Paul Kirk, the winner of seven world BBQ championships, these students learned how to perfect their technique on the best equipment available - the Lang 36 smoker cooker. This was the first time that a manufacturer provided a "cooking classroom" so that all the aspiring BBQ enthusiasts could learn on the same equipment at the same time. Six of these units were specially shipped to Maine to provide the ultimate hands-on cooking experience.


According to the Kansas City Baron of Barbecue, the Lang 36 provided excellent radiant heat, even cooking and efficiency. "This was one of the best classes we've had," said Chef Kirk. Part of what the class learns are the qualities of a wood smoker. Most important said Chef Kirk is a cooker's ability to consistently hold a temperature level - either 5 degree above or below. "The Lang 36 was spot on and held 250 degrees all day on very little wood, said Chef Kirk. The students were energized by the experience and the quality of their product. Broken into teams of three, they learned how to cook low and slow, and most important how to gauge a smoker's performance.


Video of Chef Paul Kirk and Denny Mike talking about cooking on a lang. Be sure to listen to the new Lang song in the background!




Watch for news about future BBQ Pitmasters classes.