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July 2012 Newsletter


"We're Cookin' on a Lang"

   July 2012




Celebrating Summer 2012, Made in the USA, and our own backyard HYBRIDS, perfect for when you want to cook LOW & SLOW on a smoker cooker and FAST & HOT on a charcoal grill ... and Congratulations to the winners of BBQ PITMASTERS!  

Made in the USA
Happy Birthday America
made in the usa
Lang BBQ Smokers 
Made in the USA
Lang BBQ Smokers are happy to remind everyone that our smoker cookers and charcoal grills are all made in the U.S.A.! 

With rising temperatures around the world many are moving outdoors to cook. 

Cheer for the USA during the summer Olympics July 27th - August 12th.

Smoker Cooker & Charcoal Grill 

DID YOU KNOW: This year Lang BBQ Smokers began selling new hybrid models constructed with attached smoker cooker and chargrill units.

Hybrid smoker cooker & chargrill

In a recent press release Ben Lang stated, "We've responded to the popularity of this design by making the Hybrids a regular production model. The Hybrids are mobile, agile and convenient - and best of all offer a championship-grade smoker capability for both backyard grillers and competition teams."...read more

Available in models: 36 & 48 with and without the Deluxe warmers.

Look for our backyard HYBRIDS online.

Cooking LOW & SLOW vs FAST & HOT
Smoker Cooker & Charcoal Grill 
We're looking to create a list of the top foods to cook: 
  • LOW & SLOW on a smoker cooker
  • FAST & HOT on a charcoal grill
  • and ... what are you cooking in the Deluxe WARMER?

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BBQ PITMASTERS Grand Porkin' Finale 

Congratulations Johnny Trigg and the Smokin Triggers!
Winners the Smokin Triggers





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We welcome professional, competitive and backyard Lang BBQ chefs to share your recipes, tips, awards and photos.  Find Us on FaceBook and our Forum and share your "Cooking on a Lang" experiences!



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