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Lang responds to popular demand for 36” Run-About Smoker Cooker Promises you “won’t want to leave home without it”

May 2013, GEORGIA – Ben Lang, the man who made his Lang BBQ Smoker® a household word all over the world, has announced the introduction of two versions of the new 36” Lang smoker/cooker that travels. Originally introduced for use in the backyard or patio, the 36" was so popular, the 36" Hybrid Run-About BBQ Trailer model and the 36" Hybrid Deluxe Run-About BBQ Trailer model were developed. Now, the 36” Hybrid Run-About BBQ Trailer and the 36” Hybrid Deluxe Run-About BBQ Trailer are ready to hit the road.

The new 36” Hybrid Deluxe Run-About BBQ Trailer model has all of the features of the Deluxe backyard model, including charcoal grill, warmer box and of course, the fabulous stick burner smoker/cooker, but now when you hit the road, your 36” Deluxe Run-About can go with you. Whether you want your Lang for personal use, your own business or to participate in competitions, your Lang Deluxe Run-About smoker/cooker ®will be with you all the way. The 36” Hybrid Run-About model boasts all the same features, but with the warmer as an optional add-on.

These easy to use, easy to clean models heat up fast, making them perfect for large groups or specialized cooking for competitions. These models do it all. Left handed? Other custom needs? No worries, Lang will customize your 36” Run-About for you personally.

Your new Lang cooker/smoker® has a large capacity and can hold 60-70 pounds of food with room for even more. This unit can handle four 10 pound pork butts and two 16 pound briskets at the same time. If you need more space fire up the built in charcoal grill on the 36" Hybrid Run-About and on the Deluxe model both the charcoal grill and warmer box will give you more cooking capacity.


In addition to thicker metal, sturdier construction and years of state-of-the-art research and development, the Lang revolutionary reverse flow system features an off-set firebox, and utilizes an all-welded drip and grease pan that serves as the griddle in a Lang BBQ Smoker®. Ben Lang, owner and President, will tell you “the best BBQ in the world comes from cooking with split wood and fat searing on a clean griddle. Our reverse system makes it possible to have BBQ with moisture and peak flavor that is beyond compare and it can’t be duplicated.” Ben Lang is proud of his product and isn’t shy in singing its praises. "Lang BBQ Smokers®", he offers, “are authentic and will provide you with legendary performance every single time you fire it up. A Lang, there just isn’t anything better.”


About Lang BBQ Smokers

The Lang family has been providing quality smoked meats to the public for over two centuries. Following the inception of Lang BBQ Smokers® and Cookers in 1988, the Lang name has remained synonymous with the finest BBQ equipment on the market today. From backyard chef to chefs who compete, to the potential of commercial profit, there is a Lang BBQ Smoker/Cooker® to suit every need. Lang - a family tradition of excellence.