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Satisfied Lang Customer Home Videos

Here at Lang BBQ Smokers®, it brings us great pride to see satisfied customers enjoying their smoker cookers. From testimonials, to photos, to stories shared on our social media sites, we know that Lang BBQ Smokers® owners are happy BBQers. But now you have a chance to show us and the Lang BBQ Smokers® community your passion as well as some skills. We have created a new YouTube channel dedicated to your videos. Fan made videos of those cooking up some good BBQ on their Lang BBQ Smokers®, as well as their Lang BBQ Smokers® Chargrills! Show us and the world your patronage!

Check out our celebrity video testimonial from Zac Brown!

Go to Youtube Fan Video Channel!


We want your video(s) to be as good as that Lang BBQ Smokers® smoker cooker you are using and want to talk about and show us. Here are couple of pointers to making better videos.

  • Keep them short. Under 5 minutes is best.
  • Make sure the person and the smoker cooker are inside the range of the view finder. No long distant interviews, please!
  • We all want to understand what you are showing us, so talk slow and point on things that we can see.
  • When you move around the smoker cooker, it may be better to stop the camera, position yourself and then start again.
  • And the most important thing you can do is GET THAT PRODUCT SHOT! Let us see what you cooked so we can all enjoy it.
  • If you use music, use your own original music, DO NOT USE any copyrighted music from another artist or Lang BBQ Smokers® Manufacturing may be sued.
  • If possible, use a tripod
  • Remember that the further away you are from the camcorder, the lower your voice (audio) sounds. Be sure you are being recorded close enough so your audience can hear you.

Have fun and send us what you got.

Send us your video!

Fill out the form below. You can send us your video one of two ways, by mail on a CD/DVD, or if your video is already up on your YouTube, send us the URL to that video.

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*How will you be sending the video to us?
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If your video is already on your YouTube channel, copy the video's URL into this field. Please note you MUST be the owner of the youtube channel and the video! Please do not post videos that are not yours.


By checking this box, Lang BBQ Smokers® has permission to edit your video
*By checking this box, Lang BBQ Smokers® has permission to post your video on our YouTube channel
*By checking this box, you claim that the video you send us by either method is your video, created by you.


If you wish to send your video on a CD/DVD by mail, please mail it to:

1027 Hooper Avenue
Building 1, Unit 2
Toms River, NJ 08753