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Smoked Brisket Recipe Video

3 Part Video on how to Prepare and Cook a Brisket on a Smoker Cooker

The Lang BBQ Cooking Team: Brad Kay and Danny Coogle

Produced by BBQSuperStars


Part 1 - Trimming a Brisket

  • What you need: a drip pan, a cutting board, a very sharp knife and the brisket.
  • The first step in preparing the brisket for the smoker cooker is to remove the excess fat off the brisket.
  • Place the brisket fat side down and trip the point, the flat, the silver skin and the grey meat off the sides.
  • After trimming off the top and sides, scrape the meat with your knife.
  • Flip to the fat side and trim some of the fat off the point. Don't trim to much off when you are cooking hot and fast. The goal will be to cook the ends to a crispy mahogany.

Part 2 - Seasoning the Brisket


This brisket is seasoned with injected seasoning and a rub. The top side of the brisket is injected with the grain. Place the injector every inch from top to bottom. On the fatty side the injector is placed under the fat creating a bubble of seasoning under the fat and between the meat. Inject a lot of seasoning into the top and bottom of the point. Wipe the excess seasoning off and sprinkle the rub all over the brisket. Place the brisket into a plastic bag. Press out excess air, seal and let sit on counter overnight.

Part 3 - Competition Smoker Cooking of Brisket


This video of a brisket cooked on a Lang 84" Smoker Cooker was taken during a competition cook-off. The seasoned brisket was placed on the smoker cooker at 5:30 am. The brisket was removed and placed in a tin pan with tin foil. Additional seasoning was added to the side of the brisket and the tin foil was closed with just enough room for the thermometer. It was then placed back on the lower shelf of the smoker cooker.


For the competition a select, measured cut of the meat was needed - the brisket was removed from the smoker cooker, cut and measured. Additional rub was added to the competition brisket and it was then placed on a tin with more seasoning and returned to the smoker cooker.


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