Customize your Lang BBQ Smoker

You Can Customize a Lang BBQ Smoker Cooker

Look over our full line of smoker cookers. Once you find the right fit (and you’re sure to find more than one), your choices don’t end there. If you want to make a change on the smoker cooker configuration, contact us and we can customize it for you by adding a range of options. For instance:

Customizations for Mobile Restaurants & Catering Businesses

If you're looking to start or expand a mobile restaurant or catering business we can customize one of our tandem design to fit your needs.
Customizations for mobile restaurants
Contact us for more information on out customization services.

Customer's Customized smoker cookers photos

Customize with a Logo for Business or Corporate Gifts

Did you know that we have customized many smoker cookers in many different ways for business branding and for corporate gifts. Check out our Corporate Gifts page to see examples of some of our customization work.

We even help you customize how you buy a Lang BBQ Smokers®

BBQ Bucks

Do you want a Lang BBQ Smoker? BBQ Bucks may be the solution. Your friends and family can give you BBQ Bucks to spend toward the smoker you really want! BBQ Bucks start at $5.00 and go up to $1,000.00, making them affordable for everyone. BBQ Bucks work just like a gift certificate. The BBQ Bucks are redeemable on the purchase of any Lang BBQ Smokers® products. Or you can use them for a smoker cooker, T-shirts, hat or heat gauge. Learn more about BBQ Bucks

We would be happy to discuss customizing options with you. We don’t just make great smoker cookers at Lang, we make satisfied customers prepared for the best grilling experience. We’re only a phone call away - contact us.