Smoker Cooker Model Series

Lang BBQ Smokers® offers a variety of smoker cookers. Specific series are based off of size and usage. Series are designed for backyard patio use, competitions, professional chefs, commercial catering, and restaurants. Each series then has an assortment of models. Different models have different features. For instance a deluxe model comes with the warmer box, or a hybrid model has a smoker cooker and grill within the same cylinder. Click on the series you are interested in to see what models are available. If you are interested in customization, each model has listed on it's page what customizations are available. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

36" Series

Small, Backyard Smoker Cooker

Cooking capacity
6 cubic feet
Holds 60-70 pounds of meat

Great for family backyard use and competitions.

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48" Series

Small, Backyard Smoker Cooker

Cooking capacity
10 cubic ft.
Holds 10 - 8lb Pork Butts

Great for individual families, entertaining, competitions, and commercial use.

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60" Series

Medium, Competition Smoker Cooker

Cooking capacity
15 cubic ft.
Holds 20 - 8lb Pork Butts

Great for extended family entertaining, competitions, and commercial use.

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84" Series

Large, Competitive Smoker Cooker

Cooking capacity
22 cubic ft.
Holds 40 - 8lb Pork Butts

#1 selling size for 24 years! Excellent for competitions and commercial use.

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108" Series

X-Large, Commercial Smoker Cooker

Cooking capacity
38 cubic ft.
Holds 85-180 Pork Butts

For onsite or on location catering and commercial use.

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Hybrid Series

Small, Multi Use Smoker Cooker

Cooking capacity

Varies by model
Smokes, grills, and keeps food warm in the warmer.
Great for family entertaining and competitions.

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Customized Smoker Cookers
Your smoker cooker can be customized to fit your personal needs or professional chef requirements.