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Lang BBQ Smokers® the #1 stick(wood)burner

Lang BBQ Smokers® is a #1 BBQ smoker cooker for a reason. Lang BBQ Smokers® is the originator of what has become known as the reverse flow, off set-fire-box design. Lang BBQ Smokers® are all 1/4" plate steel. Lang BBQ Smokers® gives you the World's Best Barbecue because it sizzles and sears the meat to goof-proof:"perfection! With snappy-fresh results every time, because it is easy to keep clean.

ACCEPT NO Substitute or Imitations

Our Lang BBQ Smokers® reverse-flow design is the most cloned and copied design on the market today.
Lang BBQ Smokers® are healthy, lean, clean cooking BBQ. The heavy steel allows for even cooking of your food. BUY THE ORIGINAL reverse-flow Lang BBQ Smoker®, it's the world's best bar-bq grill!

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Hybrid Models!

They're hot! Patio size smoker cooker and charcoal grill all in one unit! It is the "complete" Hybrid Lang BBQ Smokers(c) smoker cooker in models 36" and 48". Backyard or competition, NOTHING beats them.

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Check out the possibilities with
the model 84" or the model 108".
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Hot News

Ben Lang

Cooking Classes for Christmas!

Purchase BBQ cooking classes at the Lang Q-School for Christmas online. Chef Paul Kirk will be teaching the next classes on March 20th and 21st.
BUY BBQ Cooking Classes online

BBQ Bucks for Christmas!

Various denominations of our gift certificate, BBQ Bucks, can be applied to a smoker cooker or anything on the website!
BUY BBQ Bucks online

NEW Smoker Cooker Recipe Blog!

Check it out for some great low & slow and fast & hot smoker cooker recipes.
Smoker Cooker Recipe Blog

q-school smoker cooker cooking school Fall 2014

The November Q School smoker cooking classes was a huge success!

The next Q-School in Spring 2015. Plan to pick up your new smoker cooker and attend the class. You will season your stick burner and smoke some amazing meats - learning from the best! ...Q-School BBQ Classes


Chef Paul Kirk was Awesome! Just wanted to give a big “thank you” for putting on a great BBQ school this past weekend. My son-in-law Josh and I had a great time, made new friends, learned a lot and most of all made some great memories! Can’t wait to fire up my Lang again! Thanks to all involved. ~ Randy

Lang 108 Smoker Cooker and the DL3 Cook Team


That's why Lang BBQ Smokers is the official barbecue Smoker of his DL3 cook team!

Only the best for this Pro Golfer !!


Winning Results


10 Year Old Lang BBQ Smoker Winner

We recently found Scot Reed cooking on his 10 year old Lang 84 BBQ Smoker at a barbecue festival.

Check out the trophies!!!

Scott loves his Lang but he told us to tell Mr. Lang that he is ready for another one!"

10 year old smoker cooker still winning

Griller Feedback

Won a competition cookin' on a Lang? Have a recipe you want to share? Have some photos you want to post? We welcome your participation and feedback in our Lang BBQ Smokers® community!

see what they're saying about Lang BBQ Smoker cookers on Facebook  twitter LangBBQ_Smokers youtube channelcheck out some of the letters we've posting on our Blog from grillers who love our stick burners
You can also share on Google+, on our Smoker Cooker Recipe BLOG or by contacting us.