Important Safety Information

Tips and Care Instructions

  • Be sure to keep cookers away from the sides of structures, no closer than one foot. Use fire retardant materials every were you can or place "a stove pad type material" in the and around the fire box areas when near structures.
  • Lang BBQ Smokers and Grill are not to be used at anytime on wood floors, decks, or with-in 18 inches of wooden buildings, structures, and materials.
  • Keep grease drain open.
  • Clean smoker cooker after every cook.
  • NEVER use cardboard under the meat/produce or under the unit.
  • NEVER leave a smoker unattended while cooking or heating up.
  • Burn out the chimney to clean.
  • Be sure to empty the grease from the grease can/container under the unit.

Letter for Health Department Approval

June 12, 2018 Environmental Health Specifications / Lang BBQ Smokers / State County Health Dept. Agencies Lang BBQ Smokers are for commercial and professional use Lang BBQ Smokers Models and components are constructed of A-36 carbon mild steel. All welding applications are with .035 lead free cooper welding wire applied with a gas shield. Construction is All- Welded. No assembly required. All materials and components are New and non-recycled. Units are a Built for Purpose Item. They are fully self-contained with a drip and grease pan and an easy- clean design.

All cooking racks are removable for cleaning ease and are mild steel in material unless order in food grade stainless steel. Unit is a Standard production model manufactured in the United States. Thousands of these units have been in service nationwide since 1988. Units are fueled by wood or charcoal. No solder or flux is used in manufacture.

The fireboxes of these units should not be placed within 18” of flammable building materials. Insulated stove pads should be used when firebox is near building materials.

Ben C. Lang II
CEO -Lang Bar-BQ Grills, Inc.