84″ Smoker Cooker Series

LARGE, Smoker Cooker Models

The 84" Lang BBQ Smokers® models were designed for large volume cooking with around 22 cubic ft. cooking capacity for commercial and competition use. They come completely assembled, all welded and ready to cook; weighing in at an average of 1500 to 1760 pounds.

These models have a run-about trailer frame, a cart frame (with or without rolling steel carts), or a NO-Frame model for permanent mounting in an outdoor kitchen.

All of the 84 series models have the twenty-four inch, jumbo, reverse flow off-set firebox. Additional standard features include: Bar-B.Q. Heat gauge, No Flame Drip and Grease Pan, Flat Expanded Metal Cooking Grates on Square Tubing Frames (so they won't warp), and removable and sliding racks to change the cooking space. All 84" models require a 2 inch ball for towing and come with a four way flat wiring harness for the trailer lights. Parallel towing height for the unit is 18 to 19 inches. Handles and prep areas are user friendly with heat dissipating springs and comfortable cooking and working heights.

Deluxe models increase the low & slow cooking and warming capacity with a 3-foot vertical warmer box which holds three, 21-inch food service pans. Models with Chargrills provide BBQ grilling capacity with large charcoal grills.

We recommend the 84" models for LARGE cooking capacity needs, the Fat Boy models for more cooking space, and the Twin models for even more cooking capacity. Click on the images below and contact us.

84" Twin Original

with or without chargrill

84" Twin Deluxe

with or without chargrill

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