When considering the purchase of a Lang BBQ Smokers smoker cooker, it is important to note that we exclusively accept loans as a form of payment. This policy ensures that customers have access to the necessary financing to afford their high-quality smoker cookers without compromising on their budget, making the ordering process easier. It is advisable to explore different loan options and consult with Lang BBQ Smokers to understand the specific loan terms and conditions, ensuring a seamless purchasing process.

Consider local Banks, Credit Unions, Lending institutions, and Finance Companies. They allow you to make your payments locally and establish goodwill you may need later.


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Personal Financing

If you are looking to purchase a smoker cooker for yourself, a small personal loan is the direction to take. It is important to browse your options, this is why we recommend this list provided by NerdWallet to get your started.


Recommended Best Loans

"A small personal loan can fill an income gap or help you through a financial emergency. Compare small loan options and borrowing alternatives. A small personal loan can help you bridge a gap in income or cover an emergency, such as a car repair. Even if you urgently need cash, it’s useful to compare financing options before getting a loan — you may find a cheaper one.

Learn where to get a small loan, how to compare lenders and which alternatives to explore. These lenders offer small personal loans with starting amounts from $250 to $2,000."

Commercial Financing

One recommendation we have for commercial financing comes from Fundera by NerdWallet, who offer information and solutions for equipment financing.


Equipment Financing

"If you need capital to finance the purchase of an expensive piece of equipment, then equipment financing is a perfect option for you.

With an equipment loan, you can finance up to 100% of the equipment you’re buying, and that financing will carry the following terms:

Loan Amounts: Up to 100% of the equipment value
Loan Term: The expected life of the equipment
Interest Rates: 8% to 30%
Speed: As little as two days

If you don’t have the cash on hand to pay for your business’s equipment upfront, this can be an ideal solution.

Plus, equipment loans are collateralized by the equipment itself, which makes them easier loan products for small business owners to qualify for."


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