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About Lang BBQ Smokers

Following the invention of the Lang BBQ Smokers® by Ben C. Lang II in 1988, our smoker cookers have become the standard for the industry for over 25 years. As a family owned and operated business, personal care and pride of ownership has made the Lang family icons in the barbeque industry.

It's all in the design

Ben Lang's unique design featuring reverse-flow, an off-set fire box, and 1/4 inch welded steel provided consistent cooking results, attracting thousands of customers world-wide. Ben's design gave BBQ enthusiasts exactly what they wanted and needed, consistently perfect barbecue.

Created by hand

To this day, every smoker cooker is hand-made and hand-crafted by the Lang BBQ Smokers® team. It is a product that is proudly made in the USA. The Lang BBQ Smokers® team stands ready to provide you with your own personalized smoker cooker. Working from a modern, 16,000 sq. foot facility, the team will customize your smoker cooker. Left handed? Want a charcoal grill? Need additional storage space? No problem, the team will makes sure you receive the personal attention your smoker cooker requires. photos of Lang Mfg. Co.

Go Back to School

Additional assistance for the barbecue enthusiast in search of the best techniques and cooking tactics was implemented in 2011 with barbeque smoker cooking classes at Q-School, and cooking demonstrations at various barbeque festival events with our Q-School On-The-Trail.

"Who's cooking on a Lang?" Everybody!

Through the years, the company has provided smoker cookers to countless professionals, including caterers, chefs, competition cooks and restaurants. Backyard enthusiasts love their smaller 36" and 48" models because they can provide perfect barbecue to friends and family every time. Feeding large crowds is no problem with the larger 60", 84" and 108" models. Churches, civic organizations, US Government and Military organizations are devoted customers. Who's cooking on a Lang?

Your Passion, Your Business

Lang BBQ Smokers helping the BBQ Enthusiast become an Entrepreneur. Read stories from those who started their business and continues it with their Lang BBQ Smokers. As well as read up about tips and tools for starting your own business. How to Start a BBQ Business.

Our History

For more than two centuries the Lang family has been providing service to lovers of barbecued meat. From the early smoked meat business to the current day business under the direction of Ben Lang, Lang's BBQ Smokers® cookers have been recommended by the best chefs in the world. They will attest that the food "gets better when you cook it on a Lang BBQ Smokers®". Ben Lang, owner and operator of Lang started a revolution in the barbecue industry with his unique design. His design and line of smoker cookers remains the industry standard today. With new product development at the forefront at the Lang BBQ Smokers® production site, the future will continue to see the Lang family tradition of excellence maintained and surpassed.

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