Tips for New Lang BBQ Smokers® Owners

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"We have put together a few ideas that should help make the introduction to your smoker cooker unit, easier and more fun. Even if you have used other smokers, this Lang BBQ Smoker is reverse flow, stick burner, so take the time to review what we show you here."

-Ben Lang

Instructional Videos

Intro to Reverse Flow

Ben Lang discusses the significance of the reverse-flow smoker cooker design.

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Type of Wood

Ben Lang talks about the types of wood to use in your new smoker cooker.

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Fire Management

This fire management guide was created for 36" owners but any stick burner owner will benefit.

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The First Seasoning of Your Unit

Seasoning with the proper cooking oil will calibrate and clean a new smoker to ensure it is ready for cooking.

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The Warmer Box

If your smoker has this custom feature, find out more about how to use your warmer box.

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Chef Paul Kirk Explains the Value of Q-School

Chef Paul Kirk has instructed many Q-School smoker cooking classes hosted by Lang BBQ Smokers.

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Cleaning The Lang Chargrill

If your unit has a charcoal grill, find out how to properly clean off the grill.

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Cleaning your smoker cooker

Learn how to keep your Lang BBQ Smokers clean.

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Additional Tips

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