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The warmer box is a part of all Deluxe models that allows for additional cooking capacity as well. Primarily it is used to keep food warm, which is useful for a variety of reasons including keeping food warm while other food finishes up being cooked, presenting everything hot to guests, judges, or customers; and more. However, food can also be cooked using the warmer box- the ultimate low and slow cooking.

All of our models are available in a "Deluxe" version, and some models can even have Side Mount warmer box (and firebox), which is ideal for kitchen set ups or if space is an issue. Side mounts allow the warmer box and fire box to be front facing rather then off to the side as per normal.

Whether you are a backyard enthusiast using the warmer box for outings or parties, a competitor making sure everything is hot, or you cook commercially in a restaurant or food truck; the warmer box is powerful addition to your Lang BBQ Smokers® cooker.

Ben Discusses The Warmer Box

What can you do with the Warmer Box?

Recipes using the Warmer Box

Cold Smoked Bacon

Roasted Chestnuts

What can be done with a warmer box

  1. Dry your wood in it or store wood in the rain. Preheating your wood.
  2. Smoked fish and shellfish.
  3. You can use it to smoke cheese.
  4. Cook Chicken Wings, Potatoes, sausage, stuffed mushrooms, vegetables of all kinds, macaroni and cheese, hamburgers and salmon, kielbasa.
  5. Make Jerky.
  6. As above cook your side dishes.
  7. Smoke sirloin tip roast at 200 degrees while using main chamber at higher heat for chicken.
  8. Use to keep your food warm while getting other food ready.
  9. Use it to warm buns while cooking sausages or hot dogs or hamburgers.
  10. Make breakfast while cooking (Comes in handy at Competitions).
  11. Smoke slabs of bacon.
  12. Put a tray of water in it on top of firebox, creates steam.

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