Lang BBQ Smokers ® offers financing for your smoker cooker purchase through Archer Capital. It's easy to get started, just click the link below to download the credit form (you can either right click and download it, or click into it and click the download button). Fill out the form and save it, then click the "Send your completed form" button to email the form. BE SURE TO ATTACH THE FORM TO THE EMAIL BEFORE SENDING!

You must be a business owner and intend to utilizes smoker for commercial purposes.
Otherwise, please refer to your local Credit Unions, Banks, and Neighborhood Lendmark Financial locations.

If you have any questions, please call Donny Fisher from Archer Financing at 720-372-2256.

Download Credit Form
Send your completed form
Need help sending the form?

About Archer Capital

Need help sending the form?

Step 1: After clicking the button for the form, you should see this. Click the down arrow to download.

Click for larger version.

Step 2: If you don't already or you cannot read the file, download a PDF reader. Click here to download.

Step 3: Fill out the form in the PDF reader. You can type directly into the fields.

Click for larger version.

Step 4: Save your filled out form with File > Save As

Step 5: It's time to email your form out. Click the button above to email your form to Donny Fisher of Archer Capital.

Step 6: Everyone's email interface looks different depending on the what your email is. The example shown is Outlook. You will see that the "To", "CC", "Subject", and body of the email is already filled out. Leave To, CC, and Subject as is. Remove "Please be sure to attach your filled out credit form." from the body and type in your own message.

Step 7: MOST IMPORTANTLY, attach your filled out form. Click the Attachment button (usually a Paperclip icon), and attach your PDF form.

Step 8: Once you finish, send the email out.

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