"Green is: cooking with the heat from clean burning wood and charcoal."
- Ben C. Lang II

Recyclable Materials

All Lang BBQ Smokers® are made of stainless steel with is highly prized in the recycling market. Stainless steel is easy to melt and reuse. Recycling steel for re-use is key to reducing the mining of materials.

Nonpolluting - Wood Burning Grills

There are many benefits of grilling with wood energy. Wood is a biomass product that can be grown and created, unlike coal which takes millions of years to form. Therefore wood can provide sustainable energy. Burning wood is much better for the environment, in comparison with the use of coal - replacing coal with wood would lower air and water pollution.

Many believe that grilling meat with charcoal briquettes will cause carcinogens to form when fat drips onto charcoal and the rising smoke seeps back into the food. The use of lighter fluid emits VOC's into the air which can deposit toxic residue on your grilled food. Gas grills use propane or natural gas which is a non-renewable resource.

Lang BBQ Smokers® were built to cook from the heat from the firebox that flows into the cooker and circulates under and over the food. The fire is away from the food and it's the heat that is doing the cooking.

Production - Made to Order

All Lang BBQ Smokers are custom handmade to order which means that we only use the the materials needed and there is no stock that is sitting un-used. By not having an assembly line and only hand making smokers to order Lank can create custom smokers at the same time as our standard models and again, no time or materials are wasted.

Long Life - Built to Last

Lang BBQ Smokers® are built to last with handmade stainless steel construction. Stainless Steel is stainless steel is naturally weather retardant, it is a type of alloy that is corrosion-resistant and used so it won't rust when outside and exposed to air and moisture. Steel is difficult to damage and does not harbor germs which is why it is often used in hospitals for the hygienic properties. It is difficult to stain and burn and is easy to clean without harsh chemical cleaners. Lang BBQ Smokers® does not us plastic or synthetic materials on or in their smoker cookers.