Maintenance & Spare Parts

Frequently Asked Question

What should I do if...?

My firebox is starting to rust a little. What can I do to stop this?
You have two choices, wire brush and repaint seasonally or keep the exterior oiled with a light coat of cooking oil.
My Model 60 was delivered Wednesday. I pre-seasoned it Thursday night per your instructions. The paint on top of the fire box popped off. It looks like there was no metal primer put on before the finish coat. What should I do?
Primers don't work with high heat paint. The paint won't stay subtle around the firebox, it loses its elasticity and that's why it cracks and flakes. All you can do in the firebox area is treat it like a cast iron skillet and use cooking oil on the surface when it's not hot. Get a can of high heat bbq grill spray paint and touch it up before you put the oil on. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hope this helps.

Spare parts?

I just purchased a model 60 mobile from you and I love it! I am trying to find a silver directional wheel and tire that matches what came on the rig and I can't find one. Can you sell me a wheel and tire so I can have a spare?
Yes. The cost is $70 plus shipping.
Are there any extras that can be added to the 84?
The deluxe unit is it. Comes with everything, except the kitchen sink.
Can I get one of your cookers with the spit.
No Spit Needed! The meat sears and sizzles much like a spit; in its own juices without the moving parts... cooks better AND EASIER than anything you have ever seen... We guarantee it.