Smoker Cooker Option with Gas?

Frequently Asked Question

Is there an option or CUSTOMIZATION for using GAS?

I am interested in purchasing a # 84 tandem rig. What does your propane option consist of and what would be the additional cost?
Gas is available for the tandem 84; only if you plan to keep the smoker section of the unit "open air" (the gas burners are for outside use only). The gas option consists of three (in the model 84), 50,000 BTU cast iron dual ring loop burners eighteen inches each with automatic lighters. Cost per burner is $235 installed. In Model 84 we recommend three burners so the cost would be $705.

Gas is a nice option but it is not a necessity to cook. Ninety-eight percent of what we build is without gas. That's because the smoker-cooker works so well you don't need gas.

I already have the model 84 but would like something smaller at times. I would like to know if you make a gas burner for your cookers. It works great for smoking and slow cooking but I would like to use it for grilling at times and it is hard to keep it that hot. I thought about putting a pipe burner under the cooking area. What are your thoughts on this?
Any 84 will grill. Just get it hot and keep it that way. It's one of the great things about our smoker cookers; they are first and foremost a great grill. It's easy to do. Just build a bigger fire and maintain a hotter bed of coals by adding wood to the firebox at more regular intervals.

As for gas, we can do it.... but wood makes the best barbecue...... and it can't blow up on you.